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Viking Cruise Lines navigates the mighty Mississippi River.

Did you know? Probably not, but I am here to tell you! Yes, Viking Cruise Lines sail here in the United States of America! Viking Cruise Lines American River cruises offer a unique and luxurious travel experience comparable to great European, Asia, and African products. The on-board service is world-class, and the accommodations are inviting. Viking River Cruises emphasizes history, culture, and cuisine. The cruise line believes that dining is an essential part of the journey, and their highly trained chefs prepare delicious meals that cater to all tastes.

The dress code for dining on Viking Cruise Lines American River cruises is "elegant casual."

So, there are no formal nights, and guests are encouraged to dress comfortably and consider the season or area of travel. Guests may choose to dress up if they wish.

For women, this can mean anything from a sundress in the Caribbean to slacks and a blouse for colder climates.

For men, slacks and a collared shirt are appropriate

The dress code is optional, and

Overall, Viking Cruise Lines American River cruises have a relaxed and casual dress code, allowing guests to enjoy their dining experience comfortably.

A Mississippi River cruise offers the rare opportunity to sail through America's heartland on the world's #1 river cruise line. Enjoy picturesque towns and boom cities, take in views of pastoral farms and towering bluffs, and immerse yourself in the region's rich history and culture with an included excursion in every port.

Explore the vibrant French Quarter, immerse yourself in Cajun heritage, and learn about Civil War history in Louisiana. Savor the mouth-watering flavors of Memphis BBQ, appreciate the soulful Delta Blues, and pay homage to the King at Graceland. Experience the thrill of steamboat sailings, spot fascinating wildlife, and revel in America's rich literary history. Discover the pioneering spirit and fascinating Norwegian culture of the Midwest.

It is important to remember that Viking River Cruises, like all river cruises, are highly dependent on local water levels, and abnormally low water can negatively impact the trip.

It is highly recommended to obtain travel insurance for your upcoming river cruise.



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