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Springtime Festivities at Busch Gardens Williamsburg 2024

Springtime has arrived, and with it comes the festivals! Busch Gardens Williamsburg is kicking off the festival season with its 2024 annual Food and Wine Festival, running from April 25 to June 9. Considered Virginia's Largest Spring Food & Wine Festival, it boasts over 150 menu options, including something new this year: Peri-Peri Chicken from the African continent. Adult beverages are also featured at the OktoberTaps location, with eight craft brews and four thirst-quenching cocktails on tap, all using Perfect Pour technology.

2024 Event Map

Map is courtesy of Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Want to save time and money? Consider purchasing a sampler lanyard. Available in 10-item and 15-item options, these lanyards can save you over 20% on food and beverages and are valid through June 9. Prices are $70 for ten items and $85 for 15 items, and can be purchased online or in the park. But be warned, with so many delicious options, you might be tempted to try everything at once!

Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to taste the world at Busch Gardens Williamsburg. For more information, visit their website at:

Get your taste buds ready and head over to Busch Gardens Williamsburg for their annual Food and Wine Festival. Purchase your sampler lanyard today and save on delicious food and beverages from around the world! Until next time, see you on the next journey!

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